Wilden Ranger


Growing up in the forest of lethyr, Noell was a caring young child like most Wilden. He spent the earliest of his days listening to the trees, hearing the growth of the forest, and wandering about, waiting for his time of excitement to come. His time came at the age of fourteen. While trekking though the forest he felt something off. The forest itself stopped speaking and a foul smell reached the air. A forest fire. Noell ran to see the the cause only to find a band of orcs burning the forest, searching for something. Running back to his tribe he warned the village elders. Only to realize he had led the orcs to his village. Without any warriors to fight off the intruders, their settlement was burned to the ground. Only Noell seemed to survive. Being only fourteen years old Noell knew only two things: it was his fault his tribe was found, and out of all the races, orcs were to be trusted the least.

At the age of nineteen Noell found a group of mysterious creatures called elves camping in his forest. Unlike the orcs they weren’t burning down the forest. They had a small camp fire and most had bows and short swords, not two-handed axes. Noell was caught spying by one of their scouts; a young half-elf by the name of Dara. After being brought to their camp, Noell learned this band of Elves and half-elves were were seeking refuge in Silvermoon. Noell traveled with the wandering elves befriending young Dara. They spent months together. Dara taught Noell how to use a bow and in return Noell taught Dara the how to listen to the earth in a way most elves could only dream of. One day after hunting for food, Noell comes back to camp to see the camp pillaged. The beautiful elven tents were destroyed, packs and hard rations were spilled, and traces of blood were on the ground. Through the mess Noell found Dara’s longbow and longsword.

For the past four years Noell has been looking for Dara. At first in towns, looking for any whisper of the half-elf with long auburn hair and dark green eyes. Now he joins groups of adventures, in hopes of one day finding Dara still alive.

Noell lives by a three basic rules: 1-Those who wreak havoc on nature in anyway have decided to forfeit their lives. 2- Any and all with the blood line of the Orcs are not to be trusted. 3- Nothing is more important then finding Dara.


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