Quintin Fortier

Grey and grizzled beyond his years, he's got the scars from years of campaigning.


Grey and grizzled beyond his years, he’s got the scars from years of campaigning. With his natural good looks, it’s more dashing and rogueish than disfiguring. However his propensity for scowling or staring vacantly into the distance is off-putting to most, unless he deliberately turns on his natural charm.


Born the bastard son of a wandering elf minstrel and Madeline Fortier, heir to a wealthy shipping company, Quintin grew up neglected by his shallow mother. He spent his time growing up with tutors or on the street.

At 16, one of his mothers suitors found him too inconvenient, and had him ‘apprenticed’ to a mercenary company (Bartleby’s Companions). Under the tutelage of Jonas Bartleby (an accomplished Halfling warlord), young Quintin began developing his natural inherited bardic powrs, but with a martial flavor. After years of campaigning, he became the trusted friend and advisor of his commander.

At 25, the Companions undertook a contract that would end them. For 3 years they protected a mountain pass, besieged by orcs on one side, and local political machinations on the other. As Quintin once again rode back from the court of the local duke, who once again refused the beleaguered Companions the aid of his personal forces, he witnessed the end of an unprecedented assault from the orcs. They wiped the Companions out to a man, and Quintin witnessed the orc chieftan killing his friend Jonas. On seeing this, he went into a rage, and attacked the orc. He was no match and was quickly cut down himself, and left for dead. He came to on the battlefield, surrounded by the duke’s soldiers. The duke had come in at the last, and claimed victory for himself.

Quintin was a broken man. He spent the last 9 years in various wine sinks and drug dens, trying to obliterate the memories, good and bad, of his mercenary career.

Quintin Fortier

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